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Utilizing A Battery For Your Home’s Solar Panel Energy Storage

Solar energy is a wonderful invention given the climate crisis facing the world.

Solar panel installation allows your home to utilize the power of the sun to generate cleaner energy for a healthier and sustainable future. They’ll also provide you with energy security during power outages so that your home can remain up and running.

Not to mention the money you save on power bills and the added value to your home! But during periods of low sunshine, many are concerned that they won’t be able to benefit from solar energy.

But this isn’t true!

Because solar panel energy storage can occur with a battery. And this battery allows you to use solar power in the absence of sunshine.

Battery Storage For Your Home’s Solar Panels: How Does it Work?

During the day, your solar panels capture energy from the sun and use it to generate electricity for your home.

But during days when your panels generate more energy than you use, the excess goes directly into a home solar storage battery system, where it’s stored for later use.

Is Battery Storage For Solar Panels Necessary?

No, solar panel energy storage utilising a battery isn’t necessary, but the benefits are:


Constant power

Keep the lights on during a power outage or emergency with stored energy.


Energy security

Take charge of your energy system for when you need it


Save money

By having your own energy ready to go, you don’t need to buy power from the grid. Also, did you know solar panels can pay themselves off within 5-7 years after rebates are factored into the cost?

Most Asked Questions

Whether you choose to live in your home for 15+ years or sell it within 5 years, solar has the ability to pay itself off quickly, and also increase property value.

If your solar modules are covered in snow, they will not produce power. However, the effect of snow is built into the expected yearly production that presented in your proposal. This means the days the solar does not produce due to snow coverage are already accounted for when determining your energy offset

All the solar modules that Zeno installs come with lifetime production warranty. Solar modules can produce solar energy for more than 40 years!

Solar panels are tougher than your roof! They are designed to withstand snow, rain, wind, hail, and everything else nature may throw their way. Our Tier 1 panels have a UL/IEC 61730 rating, meaning they have been extensively tested for impact in multiple ways. Check out THIS LINK for more details on the testing process as well as this video showing a solar panel standing up to hail.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. By integrating solar modules into your home insurance for only $10 – $20 per year, depending on your provider, you can stay protected in the rare chance that hail becomes a problem.

Solar panel system are designed to work without batteries and feed the extra energy into the grid. This means that your neighbors benefit from the extra energy that you overproduce. All of our systems are designed to be battery compatible.

Inverters are similar to smart phones or Tesla EVs because they can be upgraded over Wi-Fi. This means that your system can gain more features and become more efficient over time!

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Tracy D
31 reviews • 82 photos

Our Solar panels are installed!! We met Zeno at the Home Show in February 2023.

We were quickly connected with Jonah, our super knowledgeable sales consultant, who walked us through the entire process and helped us choose the best solar solution for our needs.

The installation itself went great, and Jordan, our electrician and his helper was working efficiently and cleanly to get everything wired up and running in 5 days.

The whole process took 8 months.  The government loan took little over 4.5 months.

We’re impressed with Zeno’s efficiency and commitment to customer satisfaction.

2 reviews • 2 photos

Thank you to Ryan and his crew for their professionalism, attention to detail and care in the work for our 100+ year old home. Couldn’t say enough great things about their excellent work ethic!

Day by day at the time of their morning arrival we were briefed on what work was planned for the day and again at end of day we were updated with the progress status and plan for the following work day. We are extremely thrilled we chose Zeno for our solar needs and had the opportunity to be provided this top notch installation team.

Highly recommend!!! If you’re able request Ryan and his team for your solar installation do it, you will not regret it! Thank you Ryan and team!

Jennifer Yi
Local Guide • 20 reviews • 11 photos

Really recommend Zeno to you. They have high quality services/support from sales to installation to turnover support. Everyone involved are nice and high knowledge to answer all questions and concerns I had.

Sales was so patient to help me get government Green home loan. Since I have an old house, the cable system are little messy. 2 Technicians spent long time to fix the problem and carefully clean the mess. And their coordinator answer my password reset request so fast.

I messed up Turnover meeting schedule, but their customer support was very nice and patient to go over everything with me.  Overall, I am so happy and comfortable with Zeno.

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